Saturday, 4 January 2014

Snowfall remains as ours :D

TOP 10 MAKERS, REMEMBER NOT TO INCLUDE US IN THE TOP 10. We are a division of AR, thus these events will be considered as AR's events in the top 10.

First of all, RPF did not give me 24 hours notice of their invasions, and the invasions were in a page, and was not in a post. And they do not have evidence of them informing me, a greek sheeps owner or an AR owner about the invasion. Thus, their invasion was invalid in the first place.

[RPF has 15, and Greek Sheeps has 18 in this picture, yet they claimed victory]

RPF refused to admit they did not inform me, and chose to continue with the invasion.
And in the end, they still refused to admit defeat. Note that pictures are not in order :D
-Fluffy Sheep-


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