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MAKE SURE TO SCROLLD OWN TO THE DORITOS SECTION OF THE POST. Wool Socks has been transferred to ACP. Troops are encouraged to join Army Republic.

Baa, the time has come for me to leave all club penguin armies, although I will still be on xat, I will go on random army chats, instead of staying on one. And the sheeps will continue to rise, Sheepligion, known by many as the sheep cult will reform, and we will soar to greater heights.
As I write this post, I know there would be a handful hoofful of the community who would be glad I am leaving armies, and that many of my friends and sheeps in my army would feel sad that I am closing Greek Sheeps down. I thank everyone who supported me in my time in armies, especially those who helped Greek Sheeps, for the past 101 days.
The reason why Greek Sheeps is closing is simply because I do not have enough time to lead us, and the troops only come on chat when I am on chat, so there is not really a point to letting one of my active owners to take over. Greek Sheeps was made by me on 23rd October, 2013. And we close today- which is 31st January for me, 30st January for those who are not in Asia. I will remember these 101 days vividly, I will remember how we came in as 10th in SMAC, and rised to the highest spot we achieved, 9th in CPAC. While 9th isn’t exactly a high spot on CPAC, it is in fact something many SMAC army leaders have failed to get. But we did it.
We won in the SMAC awards for having the Fastest Rise, and I won the award for the Best Leader in SMAC armies, during 2013. We had been into a couple of wars throughout these months, and we won many. We won the war against Parkas, and it was shortly after their defeat that their site went dead- so I guess to may have been able to successfully end the Parkas. We also went on war with Water Ninjas, who surrendered half their nation to us before our first invasion could even start. But well, Water Ninjas were quite a good ally after the war, which will be appreciated. We also went on war with RPF, and won quite some invasions, although to be honest, a lot of them were due to RPF forgetting to attend the invasions.
There are many people, sheeps, and armies who I will be thanking in this post, but before we go to that, let me just share a history of mine.
Some time in around October 2011, I was planning to leave Club Penguin, until a memory of ACP came into my mind. I could remember watching some ACP vs Nachos battles in the past, but I had never bothered to google about them, as i would have never known that these armies had a website or a chat. But then I googled for ACP, and that was when I found the ACP site, and joined. I was quite active in ACP, and got second highest member in ACP. But there was a disadvantage I had, I was from Singapore, which is in Asia, and I rarely even got to meet ACP leaders at that time, and it was hard to get promotions, and getting a mod rank seemed almost impossible.
Then there was this one day, when NP3000, who had just started the Tacos, pced me and asked me to join. I joined the tacos, and got a mod rank, and it wasn’t long before the tacos closed down. The tacos at that time was led by Np3000 and Vinny. It was quite some time after they closed, and I decided to join a mainly AUSIA army, Yellow Thunder, which was led by Sidie9. We became great friends, but soon, YT closed down too. I was still active in ACP too at that time, and I was looking at my friends list, when I saw Vinny come online. I decided to stalk him to AR chat, where I joined, and later received a rank “Head Sheep”, from an owner I cannot remember, but I believe it was 122344A. I joined AR during the start on 2012, but Vinny had to go on some Basketball stuff, and so he closed down AR temporarily. But I was ownered on chat during it’s temporary shut down, so when AR restarted, I was already owner on chat, and was kept as owner, and received the rank of 3ic. It was through AR that I gained more fame and popularity, and I soon reached higher ranks of 2ic, and later I was made the first Aus/Asia division leader in AR to be given an owner rank. I stayed very active and loyal in Army Republic until I left on 23rd October 2013, to start Greek Sheeps, but I was later given Main Owner on AR chat around 21st December 2013, when I made Greek Sheeps AR’s ausia division. [Note this was before AR even declared war on RPF, and I know that many of RPF still think we were made a division because the war started, but that is not true.] I was also given the status of legend around June 2013, which was quite awesome =D
It was in Army Republic where troops were made into sheep followers, and this later spread to more armies, which caused the annoyance of people like Shiver, Aaron, and Bluesockwa around that time.
But anyways, typing about my history in armies is actually quite boring, so let us just get to the thanking and stuff.
Greek Sheeps:
Raagegamer: Baa, I am glad I recruited you, you were a very loyal and active troop, and I hope you will get a good rank in AR or some other army. :D I wish you luck in your career in armies, and thank you for serving greek sheeps. If we were to return one day, I hope to see you again.
Carnivorous Grass: D:< I AM READY TO FIGHT YOU

Dumdummadison: Just like raagegamer was, you were active and loyal. Enjoy your time in armies, and you will gain experience along the way. I hope you leading skills will keep improving, and one day be able to be a leader of an army.
Skyfish: While you left Greek Sheeps, i thank you for your activeness and for helping Greek Sheeps for such a long time. At least we became friends again :D I hope you will stay as a sheep follower, and maybe consider giving it another try if we make a second generation…. Anyways, good luck in your graphic making and stuff =D
Harmony: You were active, and loyal. Although you lost US leader, you were a great troop. Thanks for all you have done. We have not spoken to each other ever since you were grounded, but it was awesome knowing you. :D
Satan: Well, at least you didn’t fry me. Thanks :D You are a great friend, although maybe you should fry stuff lesser…
Jacori: Maybe if we were not an Ausia army, you could have been able to be a lot more active. Thanks for joining us :D
Lovetobealover/Lovetobealovebug: Thanks for joining us, you are an awesome mod O:
Mr Cookies: I have not seen you for quite a while, thanks for being active in greek sheeps. D: sorry for all the insults and stuff  that happened in GS.
Lazer/Void: Baa :D One of the few people from Singapore who I know. Thanks for joining us. XD
Roggy: Baa, you were active for quite a while, so thanks for your activeness. :D
Tentennyson: You were not really very active……, and you left us too. Anyways, thanks for joining us.

Viper: Thanks for being active for a long time in Greek Sheeps :D

Blake: Sorry for  removing you from power a long time ago for accepting bribes. But you were not active even when you rejoined. Thanks anyways D:

Zack/Pooh/Bright: Baa, you were the first US leader in Greek Sheeps. You were not the most active, but i guess you were quite active. Baa....., you promised you would earn your rank before i started GS, but when you were demoted, you just left and didn't try to work for it. :( but nvm. xD

Sam: Thanks for joining greek sheeps. :D

Jodie: Baa, maybe you tried your best to be active, but the fact that we were an AUSIA army made it hard for you to do so. Thanks for helping in some events though. Like two events...or one.... :D

Mordemort: baa ha ha :D i will remember you
Army Republic: It was awesome being in AR, good luck to the current Army Republic leaders in making us rise again. I am sorry that I could not make a very large AUSIA division for AR, and losing many battles during the war with ACP a long time ago. If it was not for Army Republic, I would not have gained the experience I needed in armies. Anyways, as I retire today, I hope you are able to find a new AUSIA leader to replace me. Consider Ash to be AUSIA leader, he may not be exactly the most experienced ausia troop in the community, but I am quite sure he will gain the experience he needs in a matter of time. :D

Burr: Baa, you are a great leader, and I hope you are able to lead AR back to the top when you make your return one day…, like how you and Vinny did in the past. Good Luck, and it was great to have been able to serve under your leadership.

Vinny: YOU STILL OWE ME ALL YOUR POWERS D:< But nvm….. =D Anyways, I am glad I met you, or I would have never found out about Army Republic. I wish you luck when you return, and just like Burrito, you were a great leader.

122344A: BAA! :D Thanks for making me a legend O: I will remember you =D

Yoangelyo: I remember when I tricked you…..”If Superaalden the Fluffy Sheep stands for STFS, what would it have been if I were a Unicorn?” and yep, you said STFU (Superaalden the fluffy unicorn) after that :P Anyways, you are one of the kindest people I have met in the community, and it was great to have known you. O: You are probably one of the few people who I would trust a lot. :D

Proteus: I felt you change a little after you became leader, but maybe it was just me. But anyways, it was great to have known you, the only thing which annoyed me was when you did not agree to help Greek Sheeps defend server Wool Socks from Parkas a long time ago, simply so you won’t get involved in the war, even though we aided you a lot in wars with RPF previously. Which contradicts many things honestly, Burrito said we should not fear war, and Army Republic didn’t like ACP ever since ACP refused to help AR in a war with LT. But nvm, I guess I can’t really blame you totally. Good luck leading Army Republic :D

Blondie: You retired recently, which is quite sad, especially since you are leaving xat. :( it was awesome to have known you, and it is a pity you were never given AR leader, but I really hoped you would have became AR leader one day. Good luck in everything you do O:

Baa ha ha. Here's a hug. I dont give a fluffy. :D And poop you for  helping bobby to scam me.

Thomas: Yes, I did not forget you :D It has been a long time, and knowing you was great. I cannot really remember much about our friendship in the past, but anyways, enjoy your retirement, and good luck in real life.
Ryan: Many called you a traitor when you left Army Republic, but in my eyes, you are no traitor. At least you were not a traitor to my trust and our friendship. At least you paid up the xats you owed me before you left, we have not met for a long time, and I really miss you a lot. I hope we may meet again :(

Lollypop: BAA :D You are the youngest troop in Army Republic, and yet you do not seem like how old you really are. Stay active in armies, and you will achieve great things. You have a long way to go before you are too old for armies, so that means you can continue to gain a lot of experience. I will remember you O:

Sanmiasha: It was a pity you retired, I will miss you :( Please rejoin though D:<

Lord Pain: Your leading skills are really incredible, and i personally think you deserved more. But maybe you will get promoted to leader only when the leaders feel you have served AR long enough, especially since there are many other owners who have been serving AR for a much longer time. Anyways, good luck army republic.

Astropeace: We have not talked much recently, but I will definitely remember you :D

Rockstar: Well, we were once good friends a long time ago, before I found out and got evidence of you spying on Army Republic. Anyways, I will remember you too.

Celebi: Baa, you were one of the people who seemed very interested in helping me with The AR Sheep Times, I will remember you too.
Ash: I hope you will be the next AR ausia leader, I am quite sure you will be a great ausia leader one day, good luck in Army Republic, and I am glad that you helped in Greek Sheeps events.
Ianroach: You are the first to be known as AR’s Sheep, I had no idea you existed when I joined Army Republic. If I were you, I would probably feel a little annoyed to have lost the idea of being known as a sheep, thus I apologize if you were annoyed to know about me. :(
Rikuns: O: try to get that username for me please! :D it was awesome to have met in you in Army Republic. And seriously, it would be really awesome if you could get me that usenrame.
Theory: Baa, it’s a pity you were demoted. I remember knowing you for quite a long time, from the time you were known as bleedingheart, which I still call you as when I hug you on chat. Anyways, I will miss you, liar >=D

Austin: Baa! :D Thanks for making the gif i have been using for quite a long time, it's very awesome. And thanks for all the fields.....the grass fields, not those made of sheepcakes D:<

Yankees: Baa :D I will give u a better sheep follower number soon Lol

Tripy: Thanks for statusglow and thanks for betting farm power =D Baa ha ha. Your an awesome friend. O:
Thanks for everything Army Republic
Elmikey: Baa, on behalf of AR, I apologize to you for all the cyberbullying that happened. :D i do not feel that you are as BAAd as what majority of my friends say. O: Good Luck, and continue fighting the good fight.

Commando717: Would have got a lot of xats from you if you didn’t find it out on your own. Keep those html coding stuff secret though. :P
Snaily5: Well, we were good friends for about 2 years straight….., sorry :( I hope we can be friends again D:
Abhinav: Baa, good luck being RPF’s ausia leader :D Nice knowing you.
Peguin/Andy (Snaily’s BF, not the other annoying one): Baa :D It was awesome being your friend, don’t get too stressed whenever stuff happens IRL, and well, have a good time with Snaily O: Lol.
Andy(the former RPF ausia leader): You honestly annoy me D:<
Silverburg: Baa :D Good luck in RPF.

ACP: I have given ACP server Wool Socks, protect it well :D
Flipbaa/Flipmoo: Baa, you are definitely one of my best friends. O: I remember the first day we met clearly :D It was awesome. xD and remember those times when i had to keep surrendering servers to ACP in war between AR and ACP? D: Lol.

Splasher99: Baa, you are an awesome friend :D Enjoy your retirement

Mchappy/Icey Cold27: Baa, a long time ago, around late 2011, when i was still in ACP, you were my favorite owner. :D Anyways, nice knowing you.

Andrew: Baa, nice knowing you. Thanks for the advise and stuff during war with NDA, although it was a good thing I didn’t follow ur advise….but nvm :D BAA HA HA.
Jack/Donut: BAA! :D You helped me in getting server wool socks, thanks! =D
Whats up11: Baa, I hope you will remain as a sheep follower O:

CR223: Nice Knowing you :D
Dark Warriors: You helped me by giving me Wool Socks, I have returned my favour, although youur war with DCP has ended. Continue scrolling down later. And you will see what I mean.
Freezie: You were the one who transferred Wool Socks to me, I would have never got it without you :D thanks for being a good friend, and coming on GS chat.
Crazy186: Baa :D You didn’t allow me to get wool socks when I asked a long time ago, but nvm LOL.
Pufpuf: Baa, thanks for allowing wool  socks to be transferred O:
Shiver: I am glad the sheep stuff does not bother you anymore, good luck with leading the Nachos, and continue making those satires on TSN :D

Fiffylog: I guess i wasn't active in nachos when i joined a very long time ago, sorry D: Anyways, we dont meet often, if you want cycle power BAAck, let me know. :D
Ice Warriors:
Sidie9: Good luck with leading IW's Ausia division, and thanks for returning for armies for Greek Sheeps. :P
Baa, your a great friend, and i will always remember Yellow Thunder and it's other generations.

Iceyfeet1234: Why do i have this memory that you betted with me in find four, and was supposed to pay up 1000 xats when you lost, like in the start of 2012.....Hmm......nvm lol. :D
Wgfv: Good luck leading the UMA, although we do not speak much, i think your quite an awesome moose. :D
Waterkid: You said nobody would care about my retirement. But i guess some would care.

Taco: Baa, ok, fine. You got richer than me. =D Anyways, we have known each other for quite a long time, thanks for helping out for a few events and stuff. I guess your not exactly the best friend i would have, but nvm >:D

Dash: Baa, i am glad Greek Sheeps were allies with the wizards :D although we didn't really get a chance to help each other much. Anyways, good luck with the Water Vikings, and you are a great friend.
Was gonna post this image a long time ago, just to like to symbolize our friendship with the Wizards, but it was shut down a while after i thought of using this pic. But nvm LOL O:

Blaze: One of my best friends i have made, i am glad i met you. We met each other about 5 months ago, and we have been friends since then. You have brought Redemption force into quite awesome positions in the CPAC top 10 many times, and that was impressive. Good Luck with the redemption force. :D

Jujuflower/Ana: Baa, thanks for all the find four games, they were awesome. O:

Cassius: Well, i wanted you to be overthrown by flipmoo, but i guess your not a very BAAd person, so well, good luck in armies and stuff.

Tony: Good Luck with the SPA.

Pungy: Baa :D you got to continue the book of pear O: It's an awesome. Sheepligion will form soon, so may the pearists and the sheeps remain friends when that happens :D
Half Sheep, Half Pear O:
Wyoskyguy: Baa, well, you owe me 5k xats, but nvm :D Anyways, thanks for helping me once in a while with graphics and stuff. Too BAAd we didn't really get to lead Heroes together. O:

Crack: Baa, we do not meet much often, take your time to return the xats :D

Dpd: baa, good luck in romans. O:

Samsung: Baa, i have not seen you in quite some time. Thanks for giving us mittens :D

Totidile: baa, :( if only you were active in greek sheeps. But nvm, anyways, enjoy your retirement. O:


Now we reach the most awesome part of this post, the part which makes my retirement post more newsworthy…
Mustapha: Yes, you said i could never bring down Doritos nation, well, I just did. Actually I did a long time ago. On 4th January, Doritos logged on a server RPF was invading from us, as seen in this post , and you forgot all about the treaty I made with you around the time Greek Sheeps was at war with the Parkas. The punishment was that all your servers would become free servers. I can therefore conclude that DCP has no servers at the moment, and whatever servers they had are now free servers, that can be claimed by any army in CPAC. [SMAC armies that are not in CPAC cannot claim it]
or you can give me grass and i may pretend nothing happened.
[Mustapha has purple in the first two pics but not the third, because he did not have Purple yet when the treaty was made]
So there it is. Doritos losing all it's servers, and that is a lot. A large amount of those servers were disputed, so i guess this will be your chance to secure your current servers that were disputed with the Doritos. Mustapha, let this be a lesson to you, do not underestimate others. But well, at least you were intelligent enough to not fall for my second trick where i wanted you to bet on whether we could take down at least 90% of your nation within a week. 

Mr Waffle45: Sorry D:

-Fluffy Sheep-
Creator of Greek Sheeps
The Sheep God

SMAC Winter Awards
But seriously. Using a penguin trophy and adding "fluffy sheep" on it is just strange.
Final EVENT PICS: [We maxed about 20]

This event took place on wool socks, which from now on will be protected by ACP.
I transfer Grasshopper, Mittens, Sleet, Fjord, Cozy, Shiver, Alaska, Oyster, Walrus to the Redemption force. [All SMAC servers]
 I transfer Misty, Belly Slide, Northern Lights, Deep Snow, Big Snow, Zipline, Glacial, Frostbite, Tea and Down Under to Water Ninjas [All SMAC servers]


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