Thursday, 31 October 2013

Chat Reset

Baa Hai! :D
Chat was reset recently, for a reason. I had previously decided for Blake, who had merged the Patriots into our army, to lead the US division with Pooh. Shortly after giving Blake Main Owner on chat, he accepted bribery. He decided to allow troops to pay him xats for owner spots.
I disagreed with such an action, as ranks should be earned through activeness. He also gave people mod ranks the moment they joined, when they had little experience. I felt this would have caused imbalance in the ranks of the troops, as such an action will lead to too many mods and owners, and too few members.
Thus, even after telling Blake to stop, he disagreed, and wanted to do things his own way.
Therefore, since Main Owners can only be removed by a chat reset, i went to reset the chat.
Message to owners: Make sure you mod people only when you are very sure they are meant to be mod. You may refer to the ranks page.
-Fluffy Sheep-


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