Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Sheeps Will Rise

On 23rd october, 2013, is the day we are created.
I have high hopes for this army, and i hope it will rise in CPAC. The ranks for this week, will be just like any other army, and major changes will take place in the rank system by next week.
We will also be having 3 divisions, the Sky division, Sea division, and the Underworld division. Each represents a different timezone, which i will announce once the divisions are ready to open.
I have also left ownership in Army Republic, in order to start this army, Greek Sheeps. We are not going to be a colony of any army, we will be an independent army, which will succeed.
It has been my main goal ever since i joined armies-to create a large army of sheeps.
I had it in mind for a long time, and thus i create this army today. To be honest, the site and pages are not fully ready, but good enough for us to start.
I hope everyone who joins stays active, and that many people will join the Greek Sheeps. The ranks at the moment look boring, but just wait until next week.
Make sure to join us today.
-Fluffy Sheep-


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