Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Invasions results

BAA, all invasion results will be added in this post,

Day 1 Invasions...(We won all)

Invasion of Icicle [AUS/Asia Event]

This was an Aus/Asia event, at around 4pm AEST. It was a great event where we maxed 14, and no parkas showed up. We logged off after 15 minutes. And do note we did not break the treaty, since in the treaty, it says Greek Sheeps will not invade parka, and not "Greek Sheeps will not invade parkas"
Here are the pictures (not in order):

(Parkas chat size) 
Good job to those who came! =D

Invasion of Shiver [AUS/ASIA event]

We maxed 7 during this event, and Parkas chat was empty. =D we stayed on for about 20 minutes before logging off. This event was at 7pm AEST, and it was around 4pm for Asia. XD

(Above picture is start of event)

(Around end of event)

Invasion of Husky (UK event)

Baa, we maxed 6 during this event, it was at a time where UK and some people from some parts of Asia could log on, but not people in Australia. Thus it is more of a UK event.

 (end of event)

(start of event)

Invasion of Southern Lights

We maxed 6 again during the event, which was 15 minutes after the invasion of Husky ended.

-Fluffy Sheep-


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