Saturday, 7 December 2013

Skyfish makes a clear win

BAA THE WAY, CHECK OUT THE NEW SITE DESIGN I MADE :D It's a fireplace in case you dont know :C

There were two factors that would have decided who would remain US leader, Skyfish or Harmony. These two factors were votes from troops, and the second factor was the amount the average/max in a event they lead alone. During Harmony's event, they maxed 6, and averaged about 5. However, today, Skyfish managed to max 8, and averaged around 7. Harmony had 5 votes, while Skyfish had 9 votes. And he also won in the voting, therefore, he is the only US leader at the moment. Congratulations. :D

Pictures for the event below:

(This event was at 9pm EST, same server and same time and date as Harmony's event)
I made a chat reset after the event. Note that war is coming soon.....
-Fluffy Sheep-


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