Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Response to Vetsd

Fluffy Sheep Edit: Your converter has problems, it is probably outdated or something. I have confirmed the JST times with people from Japan. And you can check the JST time yourself: , and the SGT time is here , and i use the SGT timezone. 
So as you can observe, it is a one hour difference. The converter is therefore inaccurate.
All invasions were valid, and Aus/Asia divisions of some armies have been using these times too.

By doing it manually, the difference between JST and EST is 14 hours, difference between SGT and EST is 13 hours. And if you follow that, the EST time is correct.

Skyfish:  Yep. Vetsd is still making desperate attempts to call our invasions invalid. Vetsd even just went

"screw it" and retired because he knows Parkas are screwed. Now to the point I was going to make. Vetsd is calling our invasions invalid because the EST times the PARKAS put on their site does not translate correctly to our JST times we put up. If the Parkas want to schedule events at the wrong times then fine by me. It isn't like anyone in Parkas shows up to them anyways, which would be my 2nd point. It isn't like you show up to our events anyways (we do have the correct times up, you just translated them to EST wrong) You act like you have a chance either way.


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