Tuesday, 10 December 2013

War with Parkas Results

Invasion of Icicle: VICTORY! (AUSIA event)
Just as expected, the Parkas did not show up for our invasion.
We maxed 10 during the event.

Thanks for coming! This was an Aus/Asia event, at 4pm AEST
Invasion of Walrus: VICTORY! (AUSIA event)
We maxed about 8 or 9, but only averaged 5. However, Parkas did not show up, and thus we win. However, we only had a few perfect tactics.

Invasion of Parka: VICTORY! (images not in order)(UK EVENT)

Invasion of Oyster: VICTORY!(UK event)

Day 2
Invasion of Half Pipe: VICTORY! (AUSIA event)

Invasion of wind chill: victory! (UK event)
Well, most of us were AFK for about 10 minutes of the battle, but we stay on for more than 15 minutes before logging off.
Invasion of Christmas: VICTORY! (UK event)

Invasion of Aurora: VICTORY! (UK event)
Quite a lousy event, but at least we maxed 5.

-Fluffy Sheep-


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