Saturday, 30 November 2013

9pm EST events

Reminder: check for events, and go to to vote


For SMAC/CPAC, refer to this event which I led (Fluffy Sheep) during the beginning of this week (They were at the same time as Harmony's and Skyfish's event):


This event was led by only Harmony (with help of Jacori) , and i was online, but i did not help in chat filling/leading, since this event was to test Harmony's capability during events. (Points were awarded for sizes, which will help in choosing who will remain US leader)

Anyways, to SMAC or CPAC, or some other news site, use the two links above for this week's top 10, as they were better.

She tried her best, and allowed us to max 6, and the size was quite consistent. The lowest size during the event was probably 5. But i would take it as she averaged 6, since that was what the size was most of the time. The event lasted for about 20 minutes. Quite a number of tactics were done. Some pictures below:


Skyfish's event will be added below after it ends.

-Fluffy Sheep-


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