Saturday, 16 November 2013

War With RPF: Day 3

Securing of Arctic for AR. (Success)

Battle for Tundra: Defeat.
Battle for sleet: Disputed
(Above has 8 Greek Sheeps troops, including Bright King, who is current US leader)

(Above has 10 GS troops, 9 RPF trrops)

about 8 or 9 RPF troops, 9 GS troops

(9 GS troops, RPF troops will not be counted, as there was a change in rooms, and RPF wasnt ready)

(both sides has 9 troops)

(8 GS troops, 9 RPF troops)

(7 GS troops, 10 RPF)

(Both 8)

(GS 8, RPF 10)

(GS 8, RPF 10)

(BOTH 7)

(GS 7, RPF 6)

(BOTH 7)
I pretended not to remember this invasion, thus the RPF took the chance and did not log on.

(it's true that we did have a backup invasion on wool socks on 18th in case we lost today's invasion)

We win back our home server. WOOL socks.


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