Saturday, 9 November 2013

We obviously win Fjord.

BAA HAI! :D today we probably beat out record, and maxed about 14-15, and averaged 13-14.
Tactics were mostly perfect, and i am proud of us. The Smarty Penguins, despite being inferior in size and tactics, insisted that they had won. I am sure everyone knows that the SP had obviously lost this event, and we therefore own server Fjord.

Around here, we heard that SP were going to get allies like LT to help them, which broke the rule. Thus, since it was anyways already obvious we had won, we decided to say "WE WIN" before press B. Even if we did really log off, it would already count as we won. However, i decided to stay safe, and stay online. I had stated that the event would last a maximum of 30 minutes, thus we waited at ski lodge until time was up.

The above are some of our chat sizes some point in time in the battle. We probably had a larger chat size after this, but i did not take a picture of it.
The Smarty Penguins later claimed that RPF had helped us, which is untrue, especially since i am banned there during that time due to a lock-down that had happened some hours before the event.
The SP claimed ACP and RPF helped us during the event, however, those from ACP and RPF who helped us are in both Greek Sheeps and in ACP/RPF at the same time.

The SP later refused to admit defeat. We therefore own server Fjord. Also, note that Smarty Penguins DO NOT OWN SERVER COLD FRONT, as it is owned by the Watex Warriors. Thus, you only have server Ice Breaker, and are not allowed to schedule further invasions. The invasion of Cold Front I scheduled a few days ago, which will occur tomorrow will still take place. Whether we lose or win the invasion, you do not own server Cold Front in the end. If you continue to have no sportsmanship, your army will not last long.

-Fluffy Sheep-


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