Sunday, 10 November 2013

Smarty Penguins loses Cold Front

Today, we won Smarty Penguins in the battle for Cold Front. Smarty Penguins did not even turn up, and only Jaimee or something was on their chat, but did not know of the event.

We maxed 10, which is still quite good. (But it would be better if SMAC used the invasion of Fjord instead of this)

Anyways, Since WW and WN already claim they own Cold Front too, we will not own server Cold Front, however, Smarty Penguins still lose their server.

They currently only have server Ice Breaker left, and are not allowed to schedule anymore invasions.
However, they can still schedule server claiming events, however, these events must be scheduled and not unscheduled.

Thanks for coming!
-Fluffy Sheep-


2001Viper said...

I was there i am the black sheep

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